Water Elemental
Water Elemental
The power of the sacred water can neutralize any other powers.
Page (Gallery) 1 Rarity Legend
Attack 148 (N) 176 (E) 215 (M)
Health 700 (N) 847 (E) 1085 (M)
Skill Fury (N) Regen (N)
Summon Cost 0 / 0 / 0 / 4 / 0 Summon Time 30 mins
Upgrade Cost 2 gems Upgrade Time 2 mins
Rank - N: Normal, E: Elder, M: Master
Cost - Fire / Earth / Air / Water / Soul


The Water Elemental was probably censored, as the picture shown when you preview her before you fight her in a tower lacks the chest "armor", as seen below (in order of increasing upgrades). This is also seen on the Fire Elemental, but oddly not on the Shadow, which has a very similar upgrade pattern, but lacks the chest armor.